God’s Got It

True Confessions Time: I’m still nervous sharing new ideas with adults. (no offense) 😉

​So when I wrote some new song lyrics in my journal earlier this year, I decided to share it with some kids at church first. ⛪️

I figured they would be honest, helpful, and if we decided it was no good I could quickly distract them with something else and pretend it never happened. 😬

Together, we figured out a melody line for the chorus that was simple and catchy, ♫​  they each shared something they were afraid of and then we all shouted “God’s Got It!” for the verse, 🙌 and then they came up with some great motions! 🕺

Voila, we wrote a song! 🎼

Hear it here (and get some fun extras as well!)

“God’s Got It” became the theme of VBS and the highlight of my week was when a little girl exclaimed after singing it, “that’s my favorite!”

I almost cried.

We truly never know how God will use an idea….and I need that powerful reminder when I get so easily caught up in worrying and trying that I forget to just be still…

He took a simple journal entry and turned it into a catchy kids song (a miracle on par with 💦 into 🍷 in my opinion!)

All I need to do is show up and be me. The rest is in His hands. 🙏

What a relief….and what a challenge!

Curious to hear God’s Got it? Get the song and fun sheets here!