For Altos Only

for altos only april ebeling creator of the courseWhen every moment of your day is spent caring for others, it’s the little splurges that light you up.

  • Like coffee at a cafe instead of the gas station.
  • Co-ordinated workout wear instead of your husband’s old sweats.
  • Or learning to read music instead of blindly following the loudest voice in your section.

Singing in the choir is your escape and source of joy.  It’s your time to shine. You know you have a great voice, and you deserve to sing with confidence.

Learning to read music doesn’t have to take hours out of your day, bore you to tears, or leave you feeling lost in a maze of strange symbols.

Altos from around the world are stoically singing while secretly sweating.

“I’m holding up rehearsal.”

“I feel inadequate.”

“It takes nothing to lose me.”

“I can’t keep up.”

“I’m lost.”

Searching for your starting note doesn’t have to strike fear into your heart.

Listen, I’ve been there. I’m still embarrassed over the time I sung (very loudly I might add) a high note one beat too early….while the rest of the choir was resting. Ugh. I’m blushing right now just thinking about it. Thankfully it was just a rehearsal, but still…everyone turned around to look at me (ok, glare) and I held back on my volume for the rest of the rehearsal.

“For Altos Only” is here to make sure that experience never happens to you. Learning the basics of music and sight reading can ensure that your voice helps the choir and you never have to feel like you’re holding back again.

Imagine walking confidently into rehearsal knowing you could sing any part they put in front of you. Contributing fully to the choir instead of waiting for someone else to sing your part so you could follow along. Feeling relaxed as you go through the song, really enjoying the experience instead of worrying that you’ll get lost or miss your cue.

Feel good? Yes? 
I went from that embarrassing moment of singing loudly during a rest in choir to singing lead in the US Navy band. I learned a lot about music and performing along the way.
While I’ve earned a masters in music, it  is the skills I’ve picked up while performing, teaching, and conducting all over the world that are the most useful. In working with altos in local community choirs and church settings I’ve seen that just knowing the notes is not enough…being able to hear the harmony and sing it are the skills you really need. And that’s what this course will teach you.
Module 1: Learn what all those symbols mean (b, #, natural) and how they affect the note you’re singing. Read and practice rhythms so you keep the correct time.

Module 2: How to read the roadmap of a piece with codas, repeat signs, and multiple endings so you can be the one to help when your neighbor gets lost. Identify key signatures and chords to help you understand the alto harmony.

Module 3: How to identify intervals so you can find that elusive pitch when the notes leap around. (Some of those composers are diabolical aren’t they?)

Module 4: Sight reading focus on 2nds, 3rds, 4ths

Module 5: Sight reading focus on 5ths, 6ths and 7ths

Module 6: Improvisation, Creating your own harmony

Set yourself up for an amazing experience in the fall by learning these techniques on summer break.

You get lifetime access to all of these alto specific music lessons for $250 USD

Music is a powerful force and you deserve to give it your all. We all remember those moments when for a moment you feel that you experienced something out of this world.

Contributing fully gives you greater ownership in those experiences. You are no longer a just a participant but a leader.

Your voice is beautiful.

Your joy is unmistakable.

And your heart? Is definitely all in.

Don’t let reading the notes hold you back.

Contribute fully to your choir with the confidence that comes from being able to sight read your part.

Feeling frustrated with music can be a thing of the past. For Altos Only is dedicated to helping you sight read music and sing with confidence!