changing a habit to help when times are tough

Here comes the pretty part…

That’s what one of my students told me today during his piano lesson.

He had a favorite part in the song and he had finally gotten to it. So he paused to announce it proudly.

That’s how I feel in my life right now. Like the last few years of struggle to become parents were a long, hard passage in a song. And now, here comes the pretty part! The light after that long dark tunnel.

We wouldn’t appreciate the “pretty” parts if it wasn’t for the difficult parts. So I’m thankful for EVERY part of this journey.

And that’s why I chose “It is Well” for the Facebook live this morning.

Satan may buffet,

Trials will come,

but God is the victor

when helpless I feel,

He is the guard for my soul.

If you are also thankful for every part of the journey, share this with your friends!