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I Couldn’t Keep Up

Do you ever feel “wrong” or “not good enough”?

It started early for me…

Pretty much as soon as I could walk, I started making up song and dance routines, ♬ grabbing my glue stick “microphone”, 🎤and roping my younger brother into running pyrotechnics (throwing leaves in the background 🍁) for my outdoor “shows.”

So my parents dutifully enrolled me in dance and piano lessons…

And I got kicked out of my dance class.

I am seriously uncoordinated and despite my best efforts it was becoming painfully obvious that I couldn’t keep up.

(That is still a bit of a sore spot for me.)

Piano lessons were a bit more successful, but there was always a girl my age who was better than me.

“Sally” (name changed to protect the innocent) always seemed to learn music faster and play it prettier.

I could never “win” because she was better.

Even though I enjoyed music, it just felt like if I couldn’t be the best it was wrong to even try. 🎹

I stopped and started lessons many times as I struggled with this feeling of inadequacy. <SIGH>

The constant comparison was exhausting.

IS exhausting.

Because (as much as I hate to admit it) I’m still doing this today.

Someone’s business is more successful, they have a better website, more likes on Facebook….

I should try this new tip, do that fancy trick, buy this new software, etc.

This was the wake up call I needed to snap out of it, step away, and talk to God:

Don’t set people up as experts over your life, letting them tell you what to do.

Save that authority for God; let him tell you what to do.

If you’re content to simply be yourself, your life will count for plenty.

~ excerpted from Matthew 23, The Message

There will always be a metric to measure success and find ourselves not good enough.

Here’s to simply being ourselves instead!


Do you think this is an important message that needs to be heard?

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God’s Got It

True Confessions Time: I’m still nervous sharing new ideas with adults. (no offense) 😉

​So when I wrote some new song lyrics in my journal earlier this year, I decided to share it with some kids at church first. ⛪️

I figured they would be honest, helpful, and if we decided it was no good I could quickly distract them with something else and pretend it never happened. 😬

Together, we figured out a melody line for the chorus that was simple and catchy, ♫​  they each shared something they were afraid of and then we all shouted “God’s Got It!” for the verse, 🙌 and then they came up with some great motions! 🕺

Voila, we wrote a song! 🎼

Hear it here (and get some fun extras as well!)

“God’s Got It” became the theme of VBS and the highlight of my week was when a little girl exclaimed after singing it, “that’s my favorite!”

I almost cried.

We truly never know how God will use an idea….and I need that powerful reminder when I get so easily caught up in worrying and trying that I forget to just be still…

He took a simple journal entry and turned it into a catchy kids song (a miracle on par with 💦 into 🍷 in my opinion!)

All I need to do is show up and be me. The rest is in His hands. 🙏

What a relief….and what a challenge!

Curious to hear God’s Got it? Get the song and fun sheets here!

puzzle pondering blog post

Puzzle Pondering

When I was younger we had a 25 piece puzzle of Bambi (one of my favorite movies at the time).

I couldn’t get the pieces to fit together the way I was pretty sure they were supposed to…actually, the way I was VERY sure they were supposed to!!

So I took some scissors to the puzzle pieces and I cut them to fit.

Well, what do you know, they actually weren’t supposed to fit together that way and I totally ruined the puzzle.

Puzzle pieces tulip

I had that exact same impulse when I was putting together my tulip puzzle over the weekend.

The puzzle was from dollar tree and when I finished the border I had a whole bunch of edge pieces leftover.

I was so sure the dollar tree people screwed up!

Time to break out the scissors and make it fit!

Thankfully my husband walked in before the massacre began and when I showed him  he helped me to realize that even though it looked like I had pieces left over, In fact they were pieces that went on the inside of the puzzle but they just looked like edge pieces.

Yikes! I realized that is definitely one of my impulses for life as well. When I don’t really think things are fitting together like they’re supposed to, I take my scissors to it and make it work.

“I’m going to pound on the pieces until they jam together.”

In reality when you find pieces that really do go together they fit together beautifully, easily, and it all just flows.

The resulting picture is much prettier.

So…the puzzle that did turn out beautifully and all 101 pieces I actually did belong in that puzzle. (Thank you dollar tree you didn’t screw up after all.)

puzzle picture

Here are my lessons learned:

puzzle ponderingThe pieces (and you and I) are exactly the right shape.

We may be in a  place where it doesn’t seem like things are going to fit together, but we are exactly the right shape and have exactly the right skills.


puzzle ponderingWe have exactly the number we need.

We may feel “not enough” for whatever situation we’re in…but we have exactly what we need!



puzzle pondering

We fit easily where we belong.

We can stop making ourselves fit where our pieces are not meant to be.


So if you feel like maybe you’re not the right size and maybe you don’t have exactly what you need to succeed I would encourage you to go buy a puzzle at dollar tree (or wherever fine puzzles are sold) and see what discoveries you have while you are putting it together.

Lessons from Puzzle Pieces

Do you ever get frustrated by pieces of a puzzle (or your life) that don't fit together? Want to take drastic measures to make it work out the way it "should"? Here are some lessons learned from a dollar tree puzzle…1. I am exactly the right shape (even though it doesn't always feel that way)2. I have the perfect amount of pieces (even when it looks like I have too many or not enough)3. I fit easily where I belong (so cutting and pounding to make myself fit any other place is pointless)

Posted by AprilSingsalot on Monday, February 27, 2017

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Backstage at a concert

Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what happens backstage at a play?

Attended a concert and tried to catch a glimpse of what goes on when the lights are off?

If so, I’m right there with you!

As a child I got backstage passes to a Sandi Patty concert and couldn’t wait to see what glitz an glamour awaited behind the curtain.

You know what I saw instead?

Concrete floor, cinder block walls, and a folding table with a coffee pot.

Yup. Not so glamorous.

I do however have a photo of the big moment…

Backstage at a sandi patty concert

Your welcome. 😀

Lesson learned…the snapshot you get on stage is absolutely awesome.

But it is NOTHING like what is going on behind the curtain.

Which translates beautifully as a metaphor for many aspects of life, including learning new music.

This week I thought I’d share some behind the scenes footage of the prep and practice that goes into learning a new piece of music. Lest you think I wake up with music flowing effortlessly from my fingertips…



one small voice

One Small Voice 🎤

Ever feel like you are “too small” to make a difference in the world?
 Today’s song is something I sing to myself when those doubting voices start up in my head. You know those very serious sounding warning voices that say “Why even try” or “Your not good enough yet?”
 The song is from Sesame Street and it’s a very simple message. But after all, didn’t we learn everything we need to know in Kindergarten?
 Those voices were going in full force when I sat down to record this. Super early morning, no makeup, with a dog on my lap and coffee in my hand.
 I powered through and this is the result, because
 One small voice CAN teach the world a song…

so thankful i didn't listen

I’m so thankful I didn’t listen…

The song “Reflection” is one that I recorded a few months ago.

As you’ll see in the video, when I sing the line “if I were truly to be myself I would break my family’s heart” it hits very close to home.

When I headed off to college my dad said,

“don’t major in voice, you’ll never be able to support yourself as a singer.”

I graduated college and joined the Navy….as a singer. ⚓️

The people closest to us don’t want to see us fail.

So out of love they encourage us to play it safe.

Get a “real” job.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t listen.

And when I was stationed in New Orleans I took my dad out for dinner. 🍽 My treat. 😀